Statistics 511 R Code

Spring 2012

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  1. The Beginning of an Introduction to R for New Users
  2. R Reference Card
  3. Movie Ratings Example
  4. The Unbalanced Two Factor Example
  5. Plotting F Densities
  6. Reduced vs. Full Model Comparison
  7. ANOVA Orthogonal Polynomial Contrasts
  8. Analysis of Variance of the Unbalanced Two Factor Experiment
  9. ML and REML Estimation of Variance Components for the Seedling Dry Weight Data
  10. Simulating and Analyzing Data from a Classic Split Plot Experiment
  11. Repeated Measures
  12. Analysis of the Ion Leakage Data
  13. Example Generalized Linear Model Analyses
  14. Smoothing via the Semipar Package
  15. The Law School Bootstrap Example
  16. The Bootstrap Example Involving Smoothing
  17. The Parametric Bootstrap Example

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