Statistics 401 A XM Homework Assignments

Fall 2003

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Homework Guidelines

Homework solutions are prepared by the TAs and edited by your instructor prior to posting. Please inform your instructor if you discover an error in the solutions so that it can be corrected as soon as possible.
  1. Assignment 1 on-campus due Friday, September 5, off-campus due Friday, September 12   Assignment 1 Solutions
  2. Assignment 2 on-campus due Wednesday, September 10, off-campus due Wednesday, September 17   Assignment 2 Solutions
  3. Assignment 3 on-campus due Wednesday, September 17, off-campus due Wednesday, September 24   Assignment 3 Solutions
  4. Assignment 4 on-campus due Wednesday, September 24, off-campus due Wednesday, October 1   Assignment 4 Solutions
  5. Assignment 5 on-campus due Wednesday, October 8, off-campus due Wednesday, October 15   Assignment 5 Solutions
  6. Assignment 6 on-campus due Wednesday, October 15, off-campus due Wednesday, October 22   Assignment 6 Solutions
  7. Assignment 7 on-campus due Wednesday, October 22, off-campus due Wednesday, October 29   Assignment 7 Solutions
  8. Assignment 8 on-campus due Wednesday, October 29, off-campus due Wednesday, November 5   Assignment 8 Solutions
  9. Assignment 9 on-campus due Wednesday, November 12, off-campus due Wednesday, November 17   Assignment 9 Solutions
  10. Assignment 10 on-campus due Wednesday, November 19, off-campus due Wednesday, December 3   Assignment 10 Solutions
  11. Assignment 11 on-campus due Wednesday, December 3, off-campus due Wednesday, December 10   Problem 1 Solutions   Problem 2 Solutions   Plots of Denervated Data
  12. Assignment 12 (ungraded practice for Final Exam)   Assignment 12 Solutions

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